Proven the most effective striking art on the planet.

Muaythai is the striking style most commonly used in professional Mixed Martial Arts (such as the UFC) style competitions.

It is known as the “Art of 8 Limbs” because it utilises punches, kicks, elbows, and knees – making it the most versatile and effective striking system on the planet.

Even better, it is a great workout and not boring – this motivates people who normally hate going to the gym and gets them working out while learning practical striking skills.

While training Muaythai you will…

  • Discover the science and mechanics of proper striking (kicking, punching, footwork, head movement, offence and defence).

  • Develop strong cardio along with explosiveness (Muaythai training increases your cardio and builds strength at the same time).

  • Improve focus, concentration and increase eye/body coordination.

  • Build muscle and lose fat while learning practical self-defence skills.

  • Make new friends and have tons of fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What a regular class looks like

Your training will start with 15-20 minutes of warm-up drills involving skipping, conditioning, Muaythai-specific movement drills and shadow boxing.

Following the warm-up, your Coach will develop your skills with any number of training exercises including pad work, bag work, technical drills with partners and more. The content of the class will vary from week to week, keeping the class fresh while focusing on all aspects of Muaythai. Your Coach will help and correct you where needed and answer any questions you might have along the way. We were all beginners once and we’ll treat you professionally and with the highest level of patience. We’re confident you will get the hang of it fast!

In Advanced classes, you will often have the opportunity to apply what you have learned with sparring. While Sparring is NOT compulsory, the objective is to test your skills, to attempt to apply what you have learned in the class and to have some fun – it is not to hurt each other. Immersion Coaches pay extremely careful attention during sparring, ensuring that it is performed safely and in the spirit of learning.

We are extremely proud to have developed a fantastic team culture with no ‘meat-heads’ and as a result both training and sparring are safe and positive experiences.

Rave reviews from our Muaythai students

Best place to train very knowledgeable coaches great atmosphere
Val Val
Val Val
Since moving to immersion mma in 2019 my jiu-jitsu has improved so much. The team is really supportive and one of the most positive vibe gyms I’ve ever experienced in the entire world.Head coach Dave is truly inspirational with tones of the highest level of experience in jiu-jitsu and along with the other coaches they deliver world class level coaching every day.Immersion has the experience of all current techniques in one of the fastest growing martial art styles that is continuously changing immersion is on top of all the latest attacks and defense of modern Bjj.I could not name another gym that even comes close to Immersion MMA. It’s worth the drive, come and experience where the best of the best get better!!
Darren Max
Darren Max
I’ve been training Muay Thai here for a year - and the result: I’ve lost 20kg since joining, built a lot of self confidence and met lots of great people to train with. The people training here are great - there are no egocentric maniacs here. The coaches - Keith and Rung are fantastic. They are friendly and will really challenge you to outdo yourself. At the end you’ll learn something new, get ultra fit, learn how to defend yourself - all while having fun. Forget those boring gym sessions... Train here and you’ll see some real result - some resilience and hard work required of course. Will suit any prior fitness level (as you can see from my before and after photo). Don’t wait until you think you are fit enough to do it - you WILL get fit while you train.
Onafets Onohaw
Onafets Onohaw
Great gym, very welcoming of a visitor for a couple of classes.
Ryan Silverback
Ryan Silverback